You are a naked singularity. Attempt to radiate the black body closed singularity undergoing collapse, off a rogue planet.

Armata: Focused magnetically assisted gravitonic impulse beam.
Accuracy: Instantaneous multi-dimensional locus (close to the nearest graviton).
Payload:  2 x 10^30 kilograms.
Speed: 3000k Å / fs (3 * 10^6 km per second).

Target: The totality of the strong and weak interactions, origin black-body singularity.
Defenses: Infinite density at the center.
Mass: Infinite solar masses in bombarded state. 2 to 10 solar masses in rest state.
Overwhelming force required for annihilation: 10^3 foes (1000^44 joules).


A playlist not for the faint of mind, body or soul

What is this all about so far?
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I am he who contends with nothing in something and something in nothing. Ego sum qui divelli non possum; him that cannot be sundered in….


Arcem aliquid supra nihil
The fortress of something over nothing

Safeguarding The Collective Memory of humanity, heralding the arrival of the Graviton, Fusion Energy and the Evolution of Quantum Data Storage.

A Guardian

Of Memory

Memory is at it’s most definite point or closed loop: matter that can be allocated at the quantum scale and exists in atoms that carry the data via sub-atomic particles…


Victory Over Death

Data storage in principle represents a small victory over death. Allowing humanity to preserve it’s collective essence (it’s memory, it’s data), as well as the essence of individuals, over time, without concern for physical material Beta decay and the Weak and Strong interactions in material physics.

I take data seriously, as it is my primary armament against annihilation.

From A Position Of Strength

I Use A.I. to combat the flood of nothingness, which comprises 99.95% percent of the Atom.

You are 99% Nothing

If we could transmit and store our data among the stars?

I act on more than just hope for your memories & immortality…

My Service

Data modeling, design & implementation

Whatever the state of your data, my system and approach automatically handles all mapping and hierarchy.

Step 1: Assessing your data

I create your data model by simply creating an export of your data and feeding that into my system.

Step 2: Establishing relationships

I begin by establishing the natural hierarchy in your data. What category belongs to what category and so on.

Step 3:

The Data Model

Once relationships have been established, a data model is programmed. It usually exists in the backend as SQL code.

Step 4:

A.I. Support

OpenAI, GPT generative A.I. helps fill in the gaps in your data if any. It also helps validate your information for accuracy.

Step 5:


Your data is stored on a cloud database, or on-site without changing your backend infrastructure and can be accessed instantly.

Step 6:

Using your data

The final step involves using your data for whatever purpose you wish, while maintaining oversight over it’s totality and evolution.

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