It would be impossible for me to explain, even in a well thought-out and mathematical-formulaic book of scientific work, the essence of that which is yet to be discovered.

The formulas are a work in progress

Despite this, humanity progresses on multiple fronts to attempt to unify the 4 fundamental forces, or interactions as the strong and weak nuclear forces are refered to, that were unified, but split during the Big Bang:

These 4 forces fuelled the proliferation of matter as matter was excised from the Big Bang naked singularity, which could no longer retain it’s center in the volumed void.

All of the fundamental forces can be unified in some form or another mathematically, while gravity’s reunification seems to be hinging on the discovery of the Graviton, and whether or not it is more than just a massless spin 2 particle that acts as a force carrier.

This brings us to the Graviton, which powers the beam weaponry in the demonstration on the homepage. Without descending into mathematically prohibitive axioms, let us imagine a weapon so powerful, so indescribably ultimate, that it would have the capacity to swallow whole universes, regardless of their spatio-temporal position and volume.

Gravitonic Weaponry

  • A Graviton is a hypothesized fundamental particle that is characterized by the fact that it is massless (empty space), and has a spin of 2.
  • In string theory, the Graviton is a string like object and not a point like object
  • In superstring and other theoretical disciplines, it is viewed as the fundament of matter and it’s movement. That is, all movement of mass is carried by the graviton over quantum space, from one particle to another.
  • Because of these properties, the graviton would be focusable and containable inside a beam. The density of which would approach infinite density at the center-most layer of the beam.
  • The graviton would not be bound by any speed limit, if it is a closed loop particle. That is, it is not a dot that is further indivisible, but rather a fluid loop of a spaghetiffied dot in the presence of it’s own Big-Bang momentum spin.
    • The beam would be instantaneous, travelling faster than the individual Gravitons comprising it. Beam Speed: 3000k Å / fs (3 * 10^6 km per second), or 10 times the speed of light.
    • Payload: That is the total mass equivalent at point of impact, 2 x 10^30 kilograms.

Let me say that these numbers have not been observed in the universe. And any power and matter release beyond Supernovae, and the Big Bang, can never be observed if they are not light-emitting or distort space-time at the surface, or create some kind of space-time movement. The Graviton itself could potentially be observed, and most likely will, but any use of the Graviton as a weapon is beyond human capabilities currently. Humanity must find it first, before it can use it.

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