There’s no question about it, the Graviton, if it exists at the smallest volume in space, would be the underpining of matter. A base upon which all other fundamental particles would rest. The graviton is then the platform upon which matter stands, in a platform prohibitive-space at super-scales. This refers to the phenomenon of matter colapse to form stars and singularities, which themselves would be Graviton rich.

If it is a platform as well as a force-carrier, then data can be stored on it

Data in the form of a pixel that is, which is a dot, can and is imprinted on sub-atomic matter. This is happening as you are watching a screen, for example. This is done naturally since most sub-atomic particles only exist during their period of travel. Once they have exhausted their momentum, they cease to exist. This would not be the case with the graviton, since it would contain the momentum of the big-bang in a closed energy loop, as hypothesized by superstring. Before any of this is even physically plausible, the following is required:

  • Discover the Graviton
  • The Graviton would have to exhibit the properties described in superstring and any additional properties that would posit it as indivisible.
  • Then it would have to be proven that the Graviton can outlive Entropy, and exist beyond The 0 Free Momentum Epoch, the End of Existence.

We are far away from discovering the Graviton, but not that far that it won’t be accomplished within our lifetimes. However, data storage on the Graviton is highly implausible currently, as well as any other storage of pixels on other force-carrier type particles.

I currently work with HDD & SSD stored data. Quantum data storage, that is storing data at the sub-atomic particle level, is still under development and no serious physical equipment exists that can do this yet.

I work with partners that are developing such equipment as we speak.

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