It was up until the emergence of generative A.I., that data had to be handled by a team of human brains, each specialized in a specific area of data modeling and design.

With A.I., I am a one man army

I use OpenAI GPT API to help me map out your data first. Then, also using the A.I., help identify the connections between the terms in your data. Here’s a medium-complexity example of a data hierarchy in a scientific data model of chemical compounds.

  • Chemical Compound
    • Formula
    • Periodic Table Properties
      • Block
      • Group
      • Period  
    • Basic Atomic Properties
      • Atomic symbol
      • Atomic number
      • Atomic mass
      • Melting point
      • Boiling point  
    • Chemical Properties
      • Valence
      • Electronegativity
      • Electron affinity
    • Atomic size
      • Atomic radius
      • Covalent radius
      • Van der Waals radius
    • Abundance properties
      • Universe
      • Solar
      • Meterorite
      • Crust
      • Ocean
      • Human
    • Crystallographic properties
      • Lattice angles    
      • Lattice constants    
      • IUCr space group number
    • Electromagnetic properties
      • Volume magnetic susceptibility
      • Mass magnetic susceptibility
      • Molar magnetic susceptibility
    • Discovery properties
      • Discovery year
      • Discovery country
      • Discoverers  

Connections are simply placing terms that belong to another term in their correct hierarchies.

Once data is modeled, and this model resides in a database, your data is ready to be used in any form. On a website, in an application, in an online store and so on.

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